Civil Engineering – Present Problems, Innovative Solutions

1st International Conference:
Civil Engineering –  Present Problems,  Innovative Solutions
Project Management in Construction
Bydgoszcz – Poland – May, 20 2015
Conference Organizers:
„COMA” Student Scientific Group of Construction Management UTP
Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering UTP
International Relations Office UTP University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz
Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians, Office Bydgoszcz
Polish Federation of Engineering Associations – NOT

General information:
International conference CEPPIS 2015 is set out to pay attention  to  project  management  in  construction industry.  We  encourage  you  to  take  part  in  a discussion in the course of the conference debates or present  your  theoretical  or  practical  considerations, experiences  and  results  of  conducted  investigations.

Official language: english